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Hi everyone, I'm Giovanni, i'm an italian guy that loves anime, manga, videogames and other things. if you wanna make some questions fell free to ask ^3^

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willy wonka and I are one



I have to give away: 

2 sets of ALL of the gen starters shiny
1 set of EVERY LEGENDARY, shiny (unless shiny locked)
1 set of EVERY eeveelution
1 set of EVERY event pokemon (if I am missing one I am sorry)
ALONG WITH ABOUT 3 BOXES of misc shinies. 

(including absol, buneary, swablu, shroomish, blissey, miltank, furret, skitty and MORE)

Must be following: sailorlan on tumblr or shinychikorita on twitter
Retweet, like or reblog, like this post or the tweet linking to this post!

There will be about: 
25 winners on tumblr and 25 winners on twitter


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HEY i’m doing another fun and fantastic Pokemon give away!!

here’s what i’m giving away!

A level 100 shiny Klefki with prankster ability!

A level 77 shiny Carbink with clear body ability!

A level 77 shiny Sylveon with cute charm ability!

A level 34 shiny Sylveon with cute charm ability!

A level 34 shiny Granbull with quick feet ability!

A level 40 shiny Ampharos with static ability!

A level 10 shiny Torchic with speed boost ability!

A level 71 Celebi with natural cure ability and pokerus!

A level 50 Celebi with natural cure ability!

A level 90 Jirachi with serene grace ability!

A level 57 Jirachi with serene grace ability!

A level 70 shiny Ho-Oh with pressure ability!

SO that’s what im giving away! now here are the rules ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

  1. Must be following me!! i know this is probably annoying but this is for hitting 1.7k followers!!
  2. No give away blogs oh my gosh.
  3. Please be active on Tumblr because it sucks to win and since you’re never on you don’t see till I have to pick a new winner.
  4. I will use a random number generator to pick the winners!
  5. If you win and don’t reply after 24 hours I will pick a new winner.
  6. Reblogs only count sorry!
  7. You can reblog as much as you want but seriously please don’t spam your followers.

THATS IT! The give away will have two winners, the first winner will pick 7 pokemon out of the thirteen and the second winner gets the remaining 6 ! this give away ends on september 30th so you have a whole month!

thank you for 1,700 followers and good luck to anyone who enters! 

via http://minus.com

via http://minus.com


Featured Curator: Justin Ruckman

Vilde J. Rolfsen uses light and colored backgrounds to make these otherworldly plastic bag landscapes. She finds the bags on the street, an easy task considering Americans blow through over 100 billion a year.


Did a little animation of Mega Slowbro

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the music gets me every fucking time omg


*fans self*


*fans self*


Shiny Mega Altaria


Shiny Mega Altaria